Google Analytics

Find out what we do and why our clients love us so much

Understanding Your Business

We understand your business requirements, your current data tracking configurations. After developing an understanding about your goals, market, traffic channels we develop the Google Analytics Plan.

Google Analytics Account Creation

We assist you in creating your google analytics account and modify the code is required.

Account Linking

This includes linking your anlytics account with adwords and other services in order to optimize the analytics.


Tracking your Analytics helps in developing a better understanding of the audience behaviour.

Reporting & Interpreting

We provide detailed Google Analytics reports from time to time. Analytics provide a lot of information. We help you in interpreting this data and in constantly improving the results.

Measuring and Optimizing

We measure the progress of your campaigns and the increase in traffic. Our goal is to consantly drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps in understanding the user browsing patterns and is the favorite tool of the websmaster. These insights play a major role in converting leads into sales.In general analytics provides information about the back links which drove traffic to your website. These helps in formation of SEO strategies which boosts the ranking of the website.

Through Analytics you can track every penny you have spent online for boosting your Brand Presence. Google Analytics allows you to track user who came to your website, the source from where he came and where exactly is he headed after visiting your website. Analytics provides you with all these insights.

  • Great Insights
  • Technical analysis
  • Account Creation
  • Customizing Google Code
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Conversions
  • Visitor Profiling
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Dedicated Analytics Team